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How can we help?

Whether you are Dutch, or a non-Dutch speaker looking to improve your English, we want to inspire you by making learning English fun. This is quite simply the best way for you to learn - and for us to help you reach your goals, whether they are:

  • making an impression with a memorable presentation at an international gathering
  • participating pro-actively in meetings held in English
  • increasing your email fluency
  • conveying confidence when making telephone calls in English
  • being able to make and enjoy "small talk", especially with business contacts

In short, you'll feel more confident when writing and speaking English - whether for work or business, or just for your own pleasure.

This is what the Company Training Coordinator from NS said about me:

"Lyn is an enthusiastic teacher and well-loved by her students. Her approach to teaching is relaxed but practical, and she has a knack for pinpointing problems which allows her to give her students individual attention, even within a group. Students experience her lessons as enjoyable, with plenty of room for humour and personal attention."

and I couldn't have put it better myself!

Next steps

Simply call us at 06-23960069 (or write an email to englishlynx@xs4all.nl) - Dutch is fine - to discuss what you want to achieve. Individual lessons and group courses are both available: we cater to all levels, from basic English to near-native.

If you're interested, we'll make an initial proposal which will include an "intake" to help us target the course at the right level. Courses are generally given in-house, and are available both in the Haarlem area (including Amsterdam, Haarlemmermeer and Schiphol) and - subject to agreement - further afield (e.g. Utrecht, The Hague).


We have given courses at banks and other financial institutions as well as government ministries and European agencies, insurance companies, accountancy firms, software bureaus and many other commercial companies.


Prospective students are assessed via a short "intake", which is documented using the "Common European Framework of Reference" (CEF). This enables students and teachers to measure both the initial level and subsequent progress.

Check your level here:

CEF (English version)
CEF (Dutch version)


These depend on the type and length of the training and the size of the group.

Who are we?

English Lynx is a small independent language training company based in Haarlem, headed by Lyn Crowlesmith and supported by a small team of experienced trainers.

Lyn is a native English speaker with over 20 years experience of business and individual language teaching in the Netherlands. She's keen on the outdoors, wine-tasting and passing on her love of the English language.